Biotarget was founded in 2018 and is based at the industrial area of Serres, Greece. Our main goal of existence is to make the Greek market richer with organic products of great variety, premium quality and high nutritional value, meeting modern lifestyle needs and current trends.

Aiming high, in terms of quality standards, and striding in the selection of the best certified organic food products, Biotarget has succeeded within a short amount of time to rise into a considerable power in the organic food Greek trade, providing meanwhile great services for the consumers who respect their health, as well as the environment.

Most of the Biotarget products are vegan and organic, gluten free, sugar free, lactose free and with no harmful ingredients, certified for their high nutritional value and their combining characteristics that ensure a balanced and healthy diet.

Biotarget’s successful course is furthermore verified by the long list of selected associates from all over the word, that currently hold a leading position and a proven expertise in the demanding organic food industry, while supporting biotarget’s vision. Among them stand Davert, Sunflower Family, Nomadi Foods and Vegetariana.

Biotarget’s personnel are equipped with great knowledge on the organic food products, while being constantly informed and invested on the current trends of healthy lifestyle.

Our continuous efforts for what we love doing have succeeded in building strong relationships with our customers, gaining their trust and thus promoting a healthier way of living.

Biotarget products are sold exclusively in organic shops and markets all over Greece.

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